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✎ Welcome to my Trinket Box! ✄

Since [2022/11/30]...

Hihi!! its Furny :3, a person just like you somewhere on this planet who made this site!!!

Note: i have absolutely no idea what im doing

Say hello to my personal box of things that I like and collect over the years!! Im hoping this site will become a digitial archive of sorts, one that i can look back on and go "ew, i was so weird back then" :DD

    Name: Furny!

    Pronouns: She/Her

    Music: Vocaloid, Rap, Indie, Pop

    Long Time interests: Ocean life, Vocaloid, Minatures, Things in jars, Stories, Drawing, Collecting things, Plants [although i can never keep any alive for long]

    Personality type: ENFP-T

    Current Collections: Crystals, Beads, Colour pencils, Pens, Papers, Jewlery [planning on making a page for these!!]